The Wisdom of Steve Jobs: Some Great Reminders for Parents

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  • Jhund

    Wow.  A surprising blog, Shaila.  I like reading your blogs because they always reinforce conversations from the past amd/or content from BECOMING THE PARENT YOU WANT TO BE.  When I read about listening to your inner voice, I thought about listening to Jonas tonite tell me about his experience at the movies today.  He went with a friend of mine to LION KING, but that was too much for him (not surprising to me), so they moved over to DOLPHIN TAIL/TALE.  So, he wanted to tell me all about it.  I was not home when they returned, but he really wanted me here.  I was at an appointment and could not be home for a few hours.  I thought about Shaila’s (or more recently Cathy Bailey’s) words that our kids’ struggles are not ours.  And, how our kids will have to learn how to make it through difficult moments on their own sometimes.  By the time I got home, he was just so excited to tell me about the DOLPHIN movie.  I knew he wanted my full attention, and though I wanted to get into supper, I was reminded that I really want my kids to be able to talk to me, about anything.  And, although I cannot listen all of the time, when I do sit down to listen, I really do.  That to me is simple, but can be “hard.”  I trust there will be a long-term payoff for my kids.